The Corona: Samy Merchi's Fan Fiction

Burning sun, a balloon of hydrogen flames
Contains within, an inferno of canon games.
On the grassroots, surrounding it all
Are the wild fringes, the furious rebel call.
Outside the stable order, where few may pass
Reigns the free-for-all, the fire of loner gas.
Call it the corona, call it the crown of the sun
It's not the fluttering of work, but that of a star's fun.
When Sun's spotted from sight, eclipsed by the moon
That's when we see, the beauty that is a boon.

-- Samy Merchi

The Corona is an archive of prose fiction. The stories contained herein utilize a large amount of copyrighted material -- including, but not limited to, the fictional universes featured in comic books by Marvel Comics Group and DC Comics. All stories in the Corona are written solely for non-profit publishing on the World Wide Web, and any and all copyrighted material is acknowledged to fully belong to the respective owners.

The majority of material in the Corona is suitable for reading by people of all ages. Some material in the Corona may contain adult themes and material, but in such cases, this will be clearly indicated.

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